Friday, September 12, 2014

Twenty-Two Reasons I Love My Husband

I’ve ditched the Homeschool Mother’s Journal post for today and, in fact, any post related to homeschooling to work on something bigger and better.

I’m sitting at the computer at 12:03 in the morning, writing a completely new post, because the Spirit whispered to me, sweetly and softly. Even though I didn’t want to do it, I knew I needed to.

Today is our wedding anniversary. Twenty-two years ago, I looked into the tear-filled eyes of my love and promised to cherish and love and honor. We didn’t have a big or fancy wedding. We aren’t fancy people.

But we promised. So we have….

Until we had children {lots of them} and we both wanted graduate education {multiple degrees} and then we built a house. Oh, boy.

Correction: We ARE building a house. Still. Building. To be perfectly blunt, it’s not been easy. In these last few months, it’s been downright difficult. Not just the house-building. The maintenance of a marriage.

We know that this, too, shall pass. The relationship will bounce back to its former state of bliss.

But today, I needed the exercise of writing twenty-two reasons I love my husband.

  1. He loves Jesus, and he’s not ashamed of it.
  2. He drives us all to church, sits in the pew with us, drives us home, and then we often talk about what we heard/learned.
  3. He lets me cry on his shoulder.
  4. He works hard to provide so that I can be home with the children.
  5. He loves homeschooling and encourages us all the time.
  6. He teaches/mentors the children any time the opportunity arises…and there are a lot of opportunities, many of his own making. J
  7. He tells me I’m beautiful, when no one else ever had.
  8. He watches Pride & Prejudice with me.
  9. He seeks God’s will for our family.
  10. He likes to go grocery shopping together.
  11. He’s building a house we designed together.
  12. He laughs at my jokes.
  13. He tells pretty good jokes himself.
  14. His knowledge of math and science balance out my knowledge of English and literature.
  15. He likes to travel.
  16. He reads the Bible.
  17. He supports and encourages my writing and pursuit of publication.
  18. He changes diapers.
  19. He tells our daughters they are beautiful.
  20. He plays games with a good attitude.
  21. He understands and accepts my introversion.
  22. He knows how to use a carpet cleaner, and he isn’t afraid it will lessen his masculinity. J

You are my witness.

To continue to have and to continue to hold, from this day forward, until death parts us, I will love, honor, and cherish my husband.

Amen and amen.

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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Six Reasons I Love My Big Family of Six Children

It never occurred to me, as a child, that big families were unusual.

I grew up listening to my mother’s stories of growing up as the middle of seven children. They were all the best of friends. When Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs premiered in 1937, around the time the youngest of the seven was born, the brothers and sisters even took on the names of the seven dwarves as their nicknames. {My mom was Sneezy because of her allergies.} Doesn't that sound fun? But I grew up with only one brother who was quite occupied with his own interests and friends.

When I was about ten years old, I determined that I wanted five or six children. {I don’t know why seven seemed like such an unmanageable amount then. But now? Bring it on, if the Lord wills. J} As the Lord would have it, I married a man who also, as a child, dreamed of having five or six children.

Voila! J

Don’t think that every moment has been heaven-on-earth, though. Heartbreak and fear have accompanied me along the way on occasion, like when I miscarried in between the first and second children and fretted that I may never have another or when the now-8yo fell on a straw and ended up in emergency surgery.

But all-in-all, it’s been even better than I dreamed. Here’s why.

1. There's always someone to talk to. Granted, when the children were small, that was not always the case. There's only so much conversation you can have with a two-year-old, even one who talks non-stop. But they grow up, and then there's as much conversation as you want. J

2. There's always someone to play with. I think I've said before on this blog that I've birthed the family I wanted when I was a child. So I don't just mean that the children always have someone to play with, although that is definitely true. I have someone to play board games or musical chairs or tickle with. I don't want to be a grown-up every second of the day. J

3. The children don't pine to be with friends. When we're on vacation or on a field trip or enjoying a holiday, our children are with their friends. They don't mope for a friend to share it all with.

4. There's always someone learning. Y'all know our love of learning. I cannot count the number of times per day that we're just plain learning. Not always school-type learning, although that definitely happens, but lessons on character and human behavior and the Bible.

5. There’s always someone to hug. For those of us who like physical touch, this is a huge plus.

6. I don't get lonely. As an introvert, I do need quiet time. But I also enjoy being with people that know me well and I know them well and we're comfortable together. Plus, when the quiet time comes, it's soooo sweet! J

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Friday, September 5, 2014

A Mostly Boring but Little Bit Exciting Homeschool Week Wrap-Up

Happy Friday, friend! J

We are so glad here that it is now September. Our hot temperatures and high humidity levels are supposed to break today, and we can’t wait. I saw boxes of pumpkins for sale at Wal-Mart a few days ago, and I really wanted to bring home a few. But I just couldn’t bring myself to do it in this heat. Soon…. J

School this week has been, quite frankly, just sitting at the table and cranking out the work. 

We are in the final stages of finishing the house and we’re also trying to get our current house as attractive as possible since we think we might have a buyer. Truly, we’re getting overwhelmed and are just so, so eager to have this all resolved. There will still be many projects left at the new house. {It would be nice to have toilet paper roll holders and closet shelves and rods someday. J} But at least we’ll be back down to one property and we’ll all be together with the big stuff done.

My husband’s work is busy with the start of a new semester and a new class, so he’s bringing home work some evenings.

And the 14yo made it to the Bible Bee nationals, so we have a trip to Orlando to plan and frantic prayers to lift to Heaven that the houses can be resolved before we go, all while we allow her as much study time as possible for those 175 passages she has to learn. J

Add to that my writing efforts and a conference coming up this month, and we’re a wee bit frazzled. With your permission {pretty please J}, I’m going to finish out this post with photos.

The house ~~

I am in love with our front steps and curving walk! I can see pretty pots of pink geraniums on those extra-wide steps and something low and flowering in the planting area....

Marking our territory.

We have a driveway!!

Five of the six are pitching in to help my husband lay the hickory hardwood flooring. They lay out the boards, push them forward, and then tap them tight. My husband then staples. Teamwork!

Have a great weekend, friend! J

How was your week?

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